20hl Brewhouse Brewery Equipment, 20bbl Micro Beer Brewing System

20hl Brewhouse Brewery Equipment, 20bbl Micro Beer Brewing System

CZPT description:

Turnkey craft brewery of 20hl from ZYBREW is most CZPT as the fundamental ask for on beer brewing from consumer and the present building. Or we do turnkey remedy style from Greenland. The brewhouse effectiveness range from two-eight brews dependent on diverse favored configuration.

The design and fabrication are each subsequent what is a lot more suited for regional ask for, to make positive shopper has less additional value on other concerns when running the brewery. We make functioning the technique for brewing simpler and more productive as the priority, in the meantime we try out our greatest to lower the value of content and help save vitality, to aid all consumers all more than the globe find the ideal equilibrium in between expenditure and revenue.


Higher wort wort extract

Reduced vitality value and materials consumption

Well modified temp and h2o blending device for better grain and h2o mixing

Special made steam jacket device to enhance steam utilizing efficiency and stay away from “drinking water hammer” problem

Particular tank and piping design to keep away from the wort aeration problem and lessen the content misplaced

Inside heater for different kettle, functioning with cylinder and bottom jacket for far better boiling effect.

 Possible to make boiling method underneath stress, specially for brewery at increased altitude.

Specific made steam condensing unit, with each steam condensing and water heating operate

Cellar tanks with excellent design and style updating for much better cooling impact and exact temp handle

 Pre assembled cellar piping, with cat walks for operation on best or manifold or piping corridor

 Cooling unit for recent use and effectively prepared for future expanding

 CZPT system with curve indication and generation report printing, with recipe storage perform, customers can develop new recipe as the precise production necessity.

Fundamental configuration:

Grain handling: Mill, conveyor (flexi auger or chain disc), hopper etc. With fat scaling

Brewhouse: Three or 4 vessels, like piping, HE and so forth.

Cellar: Fermenter, storage tank and BBTs, for fermentation of distinct types of beer, all assembled and isolated

Cooling: Chiller linked with glycol tank for cooling, with ice drinking water tank and plat cooler for wort cooling

CIP: Fastened CIP station or Portable CIP unit

Filtration: Diatomite filtration, membrane filter, Plate body filtration device and so on.

Compressed air device and N2 generator, all piping line related with technique


20hl Brewhouse Brewery Equipment, 20bbl Micro Beer Brewing System