UHMWPE Chain Scraper for Conveyor Scraper Plate Conveyor Flight Paddles

UHMWPE Chain Scraper for Conveyor Scraper Plate Conveyor Flight Paddles

UHMWPE chain scraper for conveyor scraper plate conveyor flight paddles




Item Description

UHMWPE components for standard machinery


For more than twenty a long time XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. have been continuously developing and machining new large-performance plastic materials for slicing-edge applications.


Our  factory usually put the requirements of our buyers initial. We co-layout and device from a drawing or start from a sample, and provide you a extended phrase, steady and dependable finished ingredient. 


Core machining capabilities & systems

  • Machine the most tough supplies
  • Preserve exceptional end and near tolerances
  • Excellence in burr control
  • Stress relieving abilities
  • Annealing understanding
  • Submit curing tactics and
  • Floor treatment options

We are dedicated to meeting all of the needs and skills of our large-engineering clients, which includes unique cleansing, marking, certification and packaging to market technical specs.


You should make contact with us with your undertaking demands – we will help you on material variety, give accurate style suggestions and offer your machined components or place collectively full assemblies – we will offer you the correct resolution.


  • Capabilities 

    Top quality Administration

    • All our CZPTpean Technological innovation Facilities are accredited according to EN ISO 9001-2000
    • 3D measuring systems ensure exact good quality checking and management of all proportions


    • CNC driven equipment
    • 3 – five axis to produce complex geometries
    • Elements with big volume
    • Components with massive area
    • Tight tolerances


    • CNC engineering
    • Pushed tools: mixture of turning and milling
    • Big sequence


    • Plates, strips, rods/tubes

    Our variety of capabilities allows us to optimise price and performance and supply you very complex and specific areas in-time.

  • Specific Systems

     Thoroughly clean place

    • We are able to provide clean components which can straight be equipped in sealed packing.


    • We can deliver elements with engraved write-up numbers, logos or manufacturer names.

    Assemblies / Bonding / Welding

    • We have the abilities to supply assemblies consisting of a variety of plastic or even metal components, which can be mounted conventionally but also by bonding or welding. Our knowledge in these methods aids you to conserve price and grants large good quality and protection.

    Particular de-burring strategies

    • We have produced special tactics to eliminate burrs and swarf, even from and inside of complicated elements. This assists you to steer clear of failure of factors and improves security.


    Press & Sinter: Fluoropolymer, Compression molding, Ink rollers

    • This method – also called immediate forming – can reduce price significantly, especially if you need parts with complicated geometries and huge series. Lower instrument cost make this technological innovation even a lot more appealing for price personal savings. 


Edge of our HDPE (Substantial density polyethylene)sheet:
1. Acid and alkali resistance, resistance to natural and organic solvents 
2. Excellent electrical insulation and static resistance
3, Can even now sustain a specific touness even at lower temperature
four. Extremely high influence strength
5. Reduced friction coefficient
6. Non-poisonous
7. Reduced water absorption
eight.Lower density than any other thermoplastic plastics (<1g/cm3)


For any inquiry,you should make contact with our underneath contacts:

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UHMWPE Chain Scraper for Conveyor Scraper Plate Conveyor Flight Paddles