Low-Consumption Mini Dozer Remote Control Bulldozer Price

Low-Consumption Mini Dozer Remote Control Bulldozer Price

Low-usage mini dozer distant handle bulldozer price

VOTE factory as a professional bulldozer company,can produce mechanical and hydraulic bulldozers with various features of high-effectiveness,power-preserving and muti-purposeful.The items are much more than ten versions from 160HP to 320HP.Except for the regular kind,we also provide specialized bulldozer for swamp,landfills,sanitation,forest logging,coal pushing etc.


VT-a hundred and sixty/VT-one hundred eighty/VTG-220/VT-320 hydraulic transmission sequence bulldozers satisfy the CZPTpean III emission requirements. It is an indispensable machinery and products for design and h2o conservancy construction this kind of as national protection engineering, mine building, urban and rural streets, and so forth. It is appropriate for the procedure of highway, railway, mine, airport and other floor transportation, excavation, backfill earthwork and other bulk components.
VT-16TL Wetland Bulldozer was produced to meet the specifications for operation in wetlands. It is outfitted with a hydraulic travel system with hydraulic manage technological innovation and an advanced framework, supplying dependable performance and handy and versatile operation, making the HD16L the ideal development machine for muddy or damp conditions.

Main Parameters
Model VT-one hundred sixty VT-220 VT-320 VT-160TL
Motor product Weichai WP10G178E355 CZPT NT855-C280S10 CZPT NTA855-C360S10 Weichai WP10G178E355
Rated energy(kw/rpm) 131/1850 175/1800 235/2000 131/1850
Displacement(L) nine.726 14.01 fourteen.01 nine.726
Max.torque(N.m/rpm) 830/one thousand-1200 1030/1250 1440/1400 830/a thousand-1200
Running weight(Kg) 17000 23500 37200 18300 kg
Dimension(no ripper)(mm) 5140*3388*3032 5492*3726*3742 6885*4128*3645 5256*4153*3072
Min ground clearance(mm) 405 405 five hundred 492
Ground force(MPa) .067 .072-.077 .one hundred and five/.09/.078 .026
Keep track of shoe width(mm) 510 560/610/660 560/660/760 1100
Keep track of gauge(mm) 1880 2000 2140 2300
Dozing capacity( m3) four.fifty five 6.4 10 3.85
Blade width(mm) 3390 3725 4130 4145
Blade height(mm) 1150 1315 1590 962
Maxdrop below floor(mm) 540 540 560 488
Pitch(mm) 203.two 216 228 203.2
Amount of keep track of url 37 38 41  
Quantity of Provider rollers four four 4 2
Amount of Keep track of rollers 12 twelve 14 7
Max pressure(MPa) 14 fourteen fourteen fourteen
Discharge(L/min) 213 262 355 227
Max tractor force(KN) 146 202 280  
Grade capability(°) 30 thirty thirty thirty
Ahead(km/h) 3.29/five.82/nine.63 3.six/6.5/eleven.two 3.six/six.six/eleven.five two.67/three.76/five.41/seven.62/11.thirteen
Reverse(km/h) 4.28/seven.59/12.53 four.three/7.7/thirteen.2 four.4/seven.8/thirteen.five 3.48/4.9/7.05/9.ninety two

one. CZPT engine offers you the energy and dependability you require. Improved fuel economy in excess of the previous model with robust torque output and lower gas use presents you superb all round fluid performance.
two. The planetary energy shift transmission with forced lubrication and the hydraulically assisted steering method obtain light-weight functions of the equipment and characteristic substantial transmission energy and large productiveness.
3. Good quality undercarriage elements such as rollers, tracks and chains assures the steady and good overall performance of the dozer. Various types of the tracks can satisfy different functioning problem, like dryland, wetland and rock problems.
four. Roomier taxi with a wider entry offers included comforts like a adjustable seat, manually adjustable armrests, greater cup holder and auxiliary energy port. Smoother shifting and a quieter.
5. The hexahedral cabin for normal variety dozer and various types of cabins can be geared up, like ROPS cabin, forest logging anti-roll cabin and many others.
6. The common straight tilt blade features potent reducing pressure and selection of shovels can be optional, like rock shovel, U-formed shovel, semi-U shaped shovel, sanitation shovel and so forth.
seven. Variety gadgets can be geared up with crawler bulldozer, like three tooth ripper, winch.



Low-Consumption Mini Dozer Remote Control Bulldozer Price