Locomotive Coupler Railway Bogie Gears Shot Blasting Equipment Machine

Locomotive Coupler Railway Bogie Gears Shot Blasting Equipment Machine

Overhead conveyor hanger shot blasting machine

Hanging Chain Overhead Monorail Shot Blasting Equipment is largely utilized for area cleaning and strengthening of metal structures, castings, aluminum alloy and other add-ons and extensively employed in foundry, forings andsteel industries, with compact buildings and high productiveness rewards.

The tunnel sort machines DELTAMATIC are created to enhance the functionality of the hook kind equipment by maintaining the turbines continually working.

The materials are hanged on several hooks related to a ring type overhead conveyor, which can be monorail, double rail or with hoists.

The hook within the blasting room, after in situation, begins to rotate on its axis and shift back and CZPT in front of the turbines (mounted on one aspect of the equipment). These mixed actions guarantee the full shot-blasting of the areas exterior surface.

The buyer can choose the dimensions and loading capability of the device according to the parts to be shot-blasted.

Relying on the top of the machine, the installation may require a pit. The shot-blasting device is provided full with a self-cleaning dry cartridges dust collector.

No Merchandise Design Pendant chain step-sort blasting machine Pendant chain constant blast equipment
Q483 Q485 Q4810 Q583 Q5810
one Max bodyweight of piece kg 300 500 800 300 1000
two Measurement of workpiece mm one thousand*1400 1200*1700 700*2400 1000*1500 750*2400
3 Abrasive stream price kg/m two*250 three*250 6*360 4*250 6*360
four Productiveness Hook/h 10 ten 10 30-sixty 50
5 Velocity of chain m/min 2.forty four seven.34 two.44 Converter velocity  
6 Lifting distance of pendant chain mm 2560 2560 2560 one thousand  
7 Air flow capability M3/h 6000 ten thousand 25000 18000 25000
8 Energy(not contain dust collector) kw 38.75 58.forty three eighty five 127.twenty five one hundred sixty
nine Outline dimension mm 8450*5350
*ten thousand


Locomotive Coupler Railway Bogie Gears Shot Blasting Equipment Machine