Engineering Cast Iron Forging Detachable Metal Transmission Drag Chain

Engineering Cast Iron Forging Detachable Metal Transmission Drag Chain

Fall Forged Chain

The fall cast chain is mostly composed of a few drop cast factors that are the pin roll, center chain ring, and the outer chain sidebar. It can be conveniently assembled and disassembled, completely by hand CZPT resources. For occasion, the assembly can be easily completed by passing the outer sidebar by way of the middle chain ring, and then rotate the center chain ring for 90 degrees to have interaction with the pin roll. 

When the chain forms into a ring, it can be used as a conveyor chain for heavy masses. Our drop cast chain is usually discovered on the conveying tools and suspension gear, in auto, foodstuff processing, and steelmaking industries. 


CZPT Chain No.  Reference pitch P (mm) Diameter of pin d2 (mm) Duration of pin L (mm) CZPT size (min/max) (mm) Variety of pitch in normal size Sideward bending angle α (°) Width of sidebar h2 (mm) Tensile power (KN) Excess weight for each meter (kg/m)
British system series X348 seventy six.six 47 3050.five/3095.2 40 nine 27 98 two.7
X458 102.4 sixteen fifty eight 30 9 35 187 5.2
468H 102.4 19.five eighty four.1 thirty nine forty seven.eight 11.5
X678 153.2 22.3 77 twenty seven fifty one.six 318 9.five
698 153.2 28 95.3 20 7 sixty 515 seventeen
698H 152.four 39 154 3039.2/3066.6 20 7 72 1078 37.7
Metric system series F100X16 one hundred fifteen.five seventy seven 2991.three/3018.three 30 9 35 187
F100X17 100 seventeen seventy seven 2991.3/3018.3 thirty 9 35 187 four
F160X24 a hundred and sixty 23.five 96 3190.7/3219.5 twenty seven 51.6 318 10.three
British system collection X348 76.six forty seven 3050.5/3095.2 forty 9 27 98
X458 102.four sixteen fifty eight 3063.1/3090.two thirty 9 35 187 five.2
468H 102.4 19.5 30 9 forty seven.8 11.five
X678 153.two 22.3 77 3055.1/3082.eight twenty seven fifty one.six 318 9.5
698 153.two 28 ninety five.three 3055.1/3082.8 20 7 sixty 515 17
698H 152.four 39 154 3039.two/3066.six twenty seven 72 1078 37.7
Metric method collection F100X16 a hundred 15.5 77 2991.3/3018.three thirty 9 35 187
F100X17 a hundred 17 77 2991.three/3018.3 30 9 35 187 four
F160X24 160 23.5 96 20 7 51.6 318 ten.three

For far more than 20 a long time, we have centered on custom chains.

For more than twenty years, We have completed hundreds of distinct types of industrial chains.

So we have a wealth of customized chain knowledge.

Here are some of the types of the chains.

Why Pick DCC? 
one. HangCZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis.wu chain transmission producing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of chains, and is the member unit of China Nationwide technical committee for standardization for China transmission, 

2. We occupied an area more than 100 thousand sqm, owned normal workshops in excess of thirty hundreds sqm and in excess of 300sets of specialist equipments to make chains in big-scale as well as full inspection and take a look at products. 

3. We handed by way of the authentications of CZPT: 2000 global quality technique and ISO14001 environmental management method. 

4, we have seventy five% of products which are exported to CZPTpe, The usa, Japan and Southeast Asia Nations, 

five.12years manufacturing unit experience, Practically all the elements are created by our very own factory, therefor we can manage the cost and top quality. 

Decide on DCC, you indicate choosed Large quality, competitive price, ideal servise, 

Wish we will encourage enterprise as effectively as friendship! 

Engineering Cast Iron Forging Detachable Metal Transmission Drag Chain