Drag chains for sorting systems

Drag Chains for Sorting Systems

Drag chains are an essential component in sorting systems, providing a reliable and efficient solution for the movement of cables and hoses. With their durable construction and flexible design, drag chains ensure the smooth operation of sorting equipment, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.

1. Understanding Drag Chains

Drag chains, also known as cable carriers or energy chains, are mechanical systems that guide and protect cables and hoses in moving applications. They are commonly used in sorting systems to organize and support the various cables required for power, communication, and control.

2. Types of Drag Chains

There are several types of drag chains available for sorting systems, each designed to meet specific requirements:

  • 1. Plastic Drag Chain: Made from high-quality plastic materials, these drag chains offer excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and wear.
  • 2. Flexible Chain: This type of drag chain allows for easy bending and twisting, ensuring smooth movement even in complex sorting systems.
  • 3. Bushchains: Bushchains, also known as enclosed drag chains, provide additional protection for cables and hoses by enclosing them in a fully enclosed structure.
  • 4. Multiflex Chain: Multiflex chains are designed for applications that require high flexibility and adaptability, allowing for easy installation and customization.

3. Benefits of Using Drag Chains

Using drag chains in sorting systems offers several advantages:

  • 1. Cable Protection: Drag chains prevent cables and hoses from being exposed to harsh environments or getting entangled, minimizing the risk of damage or malfunction.
  • 2. Enhanced Reliability: By ensuring proper cable management, drag chains reduce the chances of cable failure or downtime, improving the overall reliability of sorting systems.
  • 3. Improved Safety: Drag chains keep cables and hoses neatly organized, reducing tripping hazards and promoting a safer working environment for operators.
  • 4. Increased Efficiency: With smooth cable movement and reduced friction, drag chains contribute to the efficient operation of sorting systems, enhancing productivity and throughput.

4. Application of Drag Chains

Drag chains find extensive use in a wide range of sorting system applications, including:

  • 1. Automated Warehouses: Drag chains facilitate the movement of cables and hoses in automated warehouses, ensuring reliable communication and power supply to various equipment.
  • 2. Conveyor Systems: Sorting conveyor systems rely on drag chains to guide and protect the cables required for motor control, sensor communication, and sorting mechanisms.
  • 3. Sorting Machines: Drag chains play a crucial role in sorting machines, enabling the efficient transport of cables and hoses for data transmission and power distribution.

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