Drag chains for production line robotics

Drag Chains for Production Line Robotics

Drag Chains for Production Line Robotics

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Drag chains are an essential component in the world of production line robotics. These chains are designed to provide reliable protection and guidance for cables and hoses, ensuring smooth movement and preventing damage. With their flexible and durable construction, drag chains play a crucial role in optimizing the performance and longevity of automated systems.

Benefits of Drag Chains

1. Enhanced Cable Management: Drag chains effectively organize and secure cables, eliminating the risk of tangling and reducing maintenance efforts.

2. Protection Against External Influences: The robust design of drag chains shields cables and hoses from debris, oil, dust, and other harmful substances present in industrial environments.

3. Improved System Reliability: By preventing cable wear and strain, drag chains minimize the chances of electrical failures and system downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

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Applications of Drag Chains

1. Automotive Industry: Drag chains are widely used in automotive manufacturing processes, where they protect cables and hoses on robotic arms, welding systems, and conveyor belts.

2. Packaging and Sorting Systems: In the packaging and sorting industry, drag chains enable smooth and reliable movement of cables and hoses on high-speed conveyor systems.

3. CNC Machining: Drag chains find applications in CNC machines, providing seamless cable management for precision movement and reducing the risk of cable damage.

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