50 Ton Heavy Duty Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist for Overhead Crane

50 Ton Heavy Duty Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist for Overhead Crane

50 ton heavy duty double girder wire rope hoist for overhead crane  




Forge higher-power aHoy metal hook with basic safety card as the standard configuration by speaal mildew and adopt higher-energy unique slippery rope to decrease the damage to wire rope and lighten the self-bodyweight.


wire rope 

Adopt high-sirength wire rope with zinc surfacing-plating, large breaking pressure and good adaptability (2160N/mmA2)



CZPTized processing of substantial high quality metal drum is utilized foe prolonging the daily life of wire rope.



 Wire guide

Use unique substantial-energy Nylon which can successfully stay away from the wear  of steel wire rope and lengthen the support We of steel wire cope, and with charactenstics of high reliability and easy servicing.


Wheel block


The  wheel block adopts module design and style for the convonienl routine maintenance and modify, and the wheel and loaded shaft adopt large top quality alloy steel to forge, process and hoat-troat bearings with substantial provider life and trustworthiness.



Body structure 


Undertake mould stampirvg or bending stool plato to decrease the use of welding areas and boost the service lifestyle and quality of the composition bearing element.


 German Motor 

Three-in-a single method integrated by pole-altering specialist hoisUng motor, brake with electromagnetic disk sort and reducer with high rotabng.speed and tough tooth floor ensures silence and the best security quality of the hoisting system


CZPT management parts


 Schnider and Phoonix electrical components with reasonablo wiring, handy upkeep, several management safety, and risk-free procedure.



The inverter is skillfully made by shifting its motor to frequency-conversion motor to ach»6ve safo and stable lifting of goods.

double girder  wire rope hoist (CZPT  pace )
CAPACITY  (KGS) Lifting Height  (m)  Lifting motor Shifting motor
Velocity (m/min) power (kw) Functioning team pace (m/min) power (kw) Working group
3200 6 five/.eight 3.2/.45 2M/M5 five/20 .25«2 2M/M5
9 5/.8 32/.forty five 2M/M5 5/20 .25×2 2M/M5
12 5/.8 3.2/.forty five 2M/M5 five/twenty .25×2 2M/M5
fifteen five/.8 3.2/.forty five 2MM5 5/20 .25*2 2M/M5
18 5/.eight three.two/.forty five 2M/M5 five/20 .25×2 2M/M5
5000 six five/.8 6.one/one 2MM5 5/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
9 5/.eight six.one/1 2M/M5 five/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
12 five/.8 6.1/one 2M/M5 5/twenty .37*two 2M/M5
15 5/.eight 6.one/one 2M/M5 five/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
18 5rt).8_ six.1/one 2MIM5 five/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
6300 6 five/.8 6.1/1 2M/M5 five/20 .37*2 2M/M5
9 five/.8 six.one/one 2M/M5 five/20 .37«2 2KVM5
twelve five/.eight 6.one/one 2M/M5 5/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
15 5/.8 six.one/1 2M/M5 5/20 .37×2 2M/M5
eighteen five/.eight 6.one/one 2M/M5 five/twenty .37*two 2M/M5
8000 6 5/.eight nine.5/one.five 2M/M5 five/20 .37×2 2M/M5
9 five/.8 nine.five/1.five 2M/M5 five/20 .37*2  
twelve 5/.8 nine.5/one.5 2M/M5 5/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
15 five/.8 nine.five/one.5 2M/M5 5/20 .37«2 2KVM5
18 five/.eight 9.five/1.5 2M/M5 five/20 .37×2 2MJM5
10000 6 five/.eight nine.5/one.5 2M/M5 five/20 .37×2 2M/M5
nine five/.eight 9.5/1.5 2MIM5 five/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
12 five/.8 9.five/1.5 2MIM5 five/twenty .37*two 2M/M5
15 5/.eight 9.5/one.5 2M/M5 5/twenty .37×2 2M/M5
18 five/.eight nine.five/one.five 2KVM5 five/twenty .37«2 2M/M5
12500 6 5/.eight 12.5/2 1AM/M4 five/twenty .55×2 2MIM5
nine five/.eight 12.five/2 1AKVM4 five/twenty .55×2 2M/M5
twelve 5rt).8 12.five/two 1ANVM4 five/20 .55«2 2M/M5
fifteen five/.eight 12.five/2 1AM/M4 5/twenty .55«2 2M/M5
eighteen five/.eight 12.5/2 1AM/M4 five/twenty .55«2 2M/M5

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50 Ton Heavy Duty Double Girder Wire Rope Hoist for Overhead Crane